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It's time to celebrate our next Motivating Mom of the Month! In her short time with FIT4MOM, you have seen this beautiful mama of two take control of her health and happiness and wow are we all impressed! Her dedication to her family and herself is truly remarkable! You are doing an amazing job, mama! Thank you for being part of our village and congratulations, Kristine!

Here is what our team has to say about Kristine:

"Kristine is committed to a healthy and strong lifestyle in motherhood. She continuously shows up ready to work and have fun with her littles. No matter what challenges may surface during class, she breaks through them physically or breaks out a prop to entertain her little. Her determination impacts anyone around her and allows them to break out do there comfort zones! What I love most is her ability to take a challenge and crush it"! - Instructor Colleen



We are so excited to introduce our Motivating Mom of the Month for April! You have most recently seen her rocking her workouts with that baby bump, but this mama has been a true example of hard work and kindness from her first day as part of our village, nearly two years ago! Mom of now TWO boys (as of this week), this veteran Stroller Strides mama is a true gem and we are so excited for her and her growing family! Thanks Krista for being part of our village! We love you!

"Krista has a kindness and grace that permeates everything she does- from her work outs to her mothering! Krista's dedication to fitness as a pregnant Mama has been inspiring to all!" - Instructor Meghan



We are so excited to introduce our Motivating Mom of the Month for March! We love this mama's amazing work ethic, her kindness and positivity and the way she balances everything motherhood throws at her! Thanks for being part of our village, beautiful mama!

Meet Brie!

"And though she be but little, she is fierce!" When Brie enters our class with that double Bob, she tackles every exercise with clear intention, tremendous focus, and no-baby-will-distract-me determination... all while keeping her littles smiling. Truly a motivating mom!"- Instructor Lisa

"Brie is such a breath of fresh air. She truly embodies what it means to dig deep and reach for her goals, giving 100% in every class. Brie has a great attitude about fitness and motherhood and is a positive example to everyone around her!" -Instructor Sarah



We are so excited to introduce our February Motivating Mom of the Month! We love this mama's "keeping it real" attitude, her kindness, her sense of humor and her willingness to push herself in her workouts. Thanks for being part of our village!

"One of Gina's many positive qualities is her ability to Keep It Real!! Veteran and new moms alike look to her for the down to Earth reality check she is always ready to give. Gina is a model for "listening to your body", and is always ready to take things up a notch". -Instructor Sarah

"Gina is always ready to chat with anyone working out near her! Her outgoing nature makes everyone feel welcome and her humor brings joy and laughter to the classes". -Instructor Meghan

"You can always look to Gina to take things up to the next level, be it hovering, holding, humor or heels! I can count on her in all of my classes as a source of good, fun, positive energy!"- Instructor Lisa

Get to Know Gina:


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We are so excited to introduce to you our January Motivating Mom of the Month. We love the positivity this sweet mama brings to her workouts. Thanks for being part of our village!

"Cindy is such an incredible source of strength and positivity at every class. She continuously supports others while pushing herself. I know by looking at her direction during class she will be smiling, working hard and making her son laugh! What an amazing example of a FIT4MOM MOM!" - Instructor Colleen

"One of the first things I noticed about Cindy was how friendly she is. She is always engaging the other Moms around her, whether they are veterans of Fit4Mom or it is their first class. She makes everyone feel welcome and included. She also exudes joy and positivity, which is both infectious and inspirational! I always look forward to having Cindy in class and working out alongside of her!" - Instructor Meghan

Meet Cindy

1. Who are the members of your family?

My husband, Ronald,...

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