FIT4MOM SEFFCO is proud to partner and support these local businesses!

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Alison Bevan - Sleepytime Coach

If you’re a new mom with questions and concerns about your baby’s sleep or the parent of an older child that has trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep, Alison offers you the personalized guidance and support you need to have a well rested family.


Sweet Mello Treats

Custom cakes, cookies and more by one of our favorite local mamas!


Sound Runner

Connecticut's favorite mom & pop specialty running store, focusing on clinical gait analysis and product selection second to none. Sound Runner will help you gear up for our classes and make sure mama is taking care of her feet!


Fire Ox Foods

Fire Ox makes eating veggies easy with their line of delicious, vegetable-based frozen meals inspired by cuisines from around the world. Their meals make a perfect lunch, light dinner, or veggie side for you and your kids! Order their meals through their website at or find them in a store near you.

FIT4MOM SEFFCO members get 20% off your first online order with discount code MOMSEATVEGGIES