August 2018's Motivating Mom of the Month

We are so lucky to have such passionate, hard working and kind mamas in our village and August's Motivating Mom of the Month certainly is fits the bill! She has been a dedicated member of our FIT4MOM community for just over a year where she has tallied 231 classes! She is amazingly fit with a heart of gold, a serious work ethic and always willing to drop everything to help out another mama or little one. This month we are celebrating, Kaitlyn Picheco!

Here is what our instructor team has to say about Kait!

I am so excited to honor Kait as our motivating Mom this month! Kait is so dedicated to stroller strides and to Leo! She shows up almost every day for class and is always getting lower in her lunges and squats, running more laps, doing more reps and jumping higher than she did the day before. She is inspirational to all of those around her (including us instructors!) She is also kind and sweet to everyone who she encounters. She is always happy to share a joke or a story, pass on mothering tips and listen to any mom in need of a friendly ear. During any Fit4mom event Kait is always in the middle, helping out, organizing and being active in anyways that she can. I have loved watching Kait come into her own as a mother over the last year and how patient and loving she is with Leo. Kait- you are a rock star and we are so happy you are a part of our village! - Instructor Meghan

I'm super excited to be honoring Kait as this month's motivating mama! Kait's effort in class is clear and she knows how to up the ante in her workout with both heart and hustle so that she's constantly pushing herself to new limits all the while ensuring that Leo is happy in his stroller and enjoying class just as much as she is. But Kait's effort doesn't stop with her workout, she also takes the time to connect with both new and veteran mamas so that anyone working out alongside her or playing with their kiddos on the playground after class feels welcome. Kait's dedication to our village is evidenced by her generous involvement in any of our activities and we are so lucky to have such a kind mama to call one of our own. Congratulations Kait on this recognition, you deserve it! - Instructor Carolyn

Kait is outstanding! She shines as an athlete, devoted mother, kind friend, supporter and organizer for Our Village’s events, and in the healthy lifestyle she lives. Kait loves fitness, and it shows in her personal strength, endurance, and how she gives 110% each and every class, setting the bar higher and higher for herself. Kait has tried every one of our programs and makes the most of every minute of her time in each one, whether she is at Stroller Strides or Stroller Barre, Body Back Boost, or digging deep at Run Club. Watching her excellent form and incredible strength in action are so motivating! Kait does everything with purpose and excellence. Living with intention is challenging enough, but add motherhood to it, and it makes for a very special person to be able to maintain the thoughtfulness Kait puts into all aspects of her lifestyle. What a wonderful time to be celebrating Kait as she recently marked her one year anniversary with us! Kait, you have impacted all of our lives in such inspiring and positive ways! Congratulations and thank you!! - Instructor Sarah

Kait is a powerhouse of strength and motivation for moms. Everyday she shows up works hard and loves hard on her Leo. It was so special when Kait joined our village, and even more seeing her join and try our programs. Kait is an incredible runner who for the first time this spring was able to cross a 5k finish line with her Leo in tow. She did so with style and hustle! Kait you are so deserving of this recognition! - Instructor Colleen

This month’s Motivating Mom is ALL that defines the two: motivating and motherhood. Watching Kait in action at class doesn’t just motivate us all to dig a little deeper as she gives her all to her workouts, it also reminds us why we’re are here as she sings, jumps, and engages with Leo from start to finish with excitement and humor. I have watched Kait’s fitness journey evolve over the past year she has been with FIT4MOM, and its all happened while she’s having FUN!

Kait’s love of all things motherhood is yet another reason she is truly deserving of this honor She is the first to lend a helping hand, open ear, or rock another’s stroller, she is up early mornings and late nights recipe searching and cooking healthy meals and treats, and fills all the hours in between giving her friends, family, and that lucky little Leo such attention, support, and heart with true happiness.

Kait is an incredible woman and mama for many, many reasons, but I am especially excited to honor her because I KNOW she loves our FIT4MOM village as much as we love her! Thank YOU for all you’ve given this village, and enjoy this well-deserved recognition!❤️ - Instructor Lisa

Learn More About Kait:

1. Who are the members of your family?

It's me, my husband, Mike, Leo (15 months), and our dog, Lady.

2. What is/was your career?

Prior to having Leo I was a middle school Reading Consultant, but now I am staying home with him and working harder than ever.

3. List 3 of your favorite things:

Coffee, Shopping, Wine

4. What would your partner say is your best quality?

My work ethic

5. How long have you been a member of FIT4MOM Southeast Fairfield County, and what has it done for you?

I have been a member of FIT4MOM Southeast Fairfield County for a little over a year now and attend class on a daily basis. FIT4MOM has gotten me in shape, empowered me, connected me, and centered me in countless ways. It has provided me a support system I didn't realize how much I needed and I've made countless friends who have become family to us. It’s been one of the greatest parts of motherhood for me and Mike and Leo would certainly agree.

6.What is your favorite class exercise?


7. What is something that has surprised you about motherhood?

A lot has surprised me, but what has surprised me most about motherhood is that I've never been more selfless - dedicating almost every moment of my day to someone else, all needs coming before my own - and yet I've never been happier and more fulfilled. (I've also never been so tired!)

8. What is your proudest mommy moment so far?

Leo has just started walking and watching the evolution of him gaining the confidence to let go has made me very proud (he is also very proud of himself).

9.Any advice for other moms out there?

Recycled advice (because I'm still a rookie): Everything is a phase; nothing lasts forever. That being said, survive the phase because it too shall pass. But at the same time, soak it in and DON'T BLINK.

Kait, we are so happy we have had a chance to honor you and celebrate all that you are as a mom and friend! We are so excited to see where you FIT4MOM journey takes you!! Thank you for being part of our village!