December's Motivating Mom of the Month

As we close out this year's Motivating Mom of the Month blog posts, it's our team's pleasure to celebrate this amazing mama for all that she is! We are so excited to highlight Alanna Stein as December's Motivating Mom of the Month!

Here is what our instructor team has to say about Alanna:

"It is our team’s pleasure to celebrate Alanna for being such a positive role model and a true example of Strength in Motherhood! Alanna is dedicated, determined, and persistent. She makes her role as a mother of three little ones look seamless. Get to know her, however, and you will quickly find a woman who is REAL- real empathetic, real relatable, and real energizing to be around. Alanna shines bright in class with her excellent form, endurance and stamina, and willingness to meet and exceed any challenge thrown her way. Alanna has championed our Body Back program. It has been amazing to see how her fitness and personal strength have skyrocketed during her time at FIT4MOM! Alanna, we are so excited for you to be the mom who rounds out our very first year of Motivating Moms!! Cheers and here’s to a 2018 filled with motivation"! - Instructor Sarah

I’m so excited that the first motivating mom I get to honor as an instructor is Alanna! Alanna is mom who is a go-to source of knowledge and is always willing to share her experience or connect you with another mom who may be of help. Her kindness, poise and confidence are clear demonstrations of her strength in motherhood. Alanna’s calm and cool demeanor is rivaled by the focus and fierce determination she shows during every Body Back session. She is one of the mamas that I know will up the intensity ante and make the most of her “mom me” time during class. You can’t help but feed off of her energy when you see her push herself during an exercise! We’re so lucky to have Alanna as part of our Fit4Mom village! - Instructor Carolyn

Alanna is so motivating to me as a fellow Strider as well as an instructor! Alanna is so focused and determined at every class, whether I am taking the class with her or teaching I feel inspired to do better! This Mom of 3 gives her all at every class while at the same time tending to the needs and bonding with her littles. Keep up the great work Alanna, you are amazing"! - Instructor Kat

"Strength and commitment are what come to mind when I think of Alanna. She comes to work hard every single time she has a chance. She completely cherishes her time at Fit4Mom and uses that time to take her fitness to the next level. I am in complete awe of her! Every time I see a picture from Body Back or at a Stroller Strides class she is stronger then the day before!! Way to go Alanna"! - Instructor Colleen

"I find Alanna so inspirational! As a Mom of 3 she is a wealth of knowledge and I love that she always honors and makes time for herself as well. In class she challenges herself and makes the most of each work out. It has been amazing to see her take on Body Back as well as Stroller Strides! And of course, her love for her children shines through everything"! - Instructor Meghan

"How exciting it is to honor this Seasoned Strider, Body Back Beast and Motivating Mom! Alanna is amazing! This veteran mom of three knows how to keep all balls in the air with confidence, composure, and commitment. I know I speak for every instructor and member of our village when I describe how impressed we are with her role as a mother, a wife, and an independent woman. Not only has she dedicated herself to her children and her family, Alanna is a model of how to live in the moments and truly maintain one's self in the ever-changing, fast and furious role of motherhood. We adore you"! - Instructor Lisa

Meet Alanna:

1. Who are the members of your family?

I am married to Phil and we have Jack who is five and a half, Noah who is almost 4 and Natalie who is 17 months.

2. What is/was your career?

Human Resources, but I stopped working when Natalie was born. I hope to get back to work once all the kids are in school.

3. List 3 of your favorite things:

ice cream, yoga and fall/spring days

4. What would your partner say is your best quality?

He says that I’m very devoted to my family and friends and very disciplined with the things I do.

5. How long have you been a member of FIT4MOM Southeast Fairfield County, and what has it done for you?

I first started coming a little over a year ago when Natalie was a couple months old, but took a break once Natalie needed to be home for morning nap....I became very active again in September this year when I started doing Body Back and Stroller Strides. It’s given me a goal, something to work towards, for myself. It’s awesome coming to class with so many inspiring and positive women!

6.What is your favorite class exercise?

The meditation at the end of each Body Back class. Does that count? Haha. But seriously, before being a mom, I was a serious runner, so I enjoy any running we do, but I am glad to have more of a total body workout now.

7. What is something that has surprised you about motherhood?

This job is really tough! And keeping a sense of who you are as an individual (not as a mother) is tough! But my fellow mom friends provide such great support and encouragement!

8. What is your proudest mommy moment so far?

There are so many! I am constantly amazed at what these kids can do! Every new milestone, even the small things, and even when it’s kid #3, is amazing to see!

9.Any advice for other moms out there?

Simplify your life. Don’t do things because everyone else is doing it or it’s expected. Do it because it makes you happy.

Alanna it has been an absolute pleasure having you part of our village! We love being part of your journey to find strength in motherhood and watch you take your fitness to new amazing levels! Thank you for being such a positive role model for all of the mamas in our village! We love you!!