November's Motivating Mom of the Month

It's time to highlight another wonderful mama in Our Village! November's Motivating Mom of the Month is one resilient mama with a heart of gold and a true example of determination! This mama is a monthly Stroller Strides/Stroller Barre member, attending classes multiple times a week as well as member of our Run Club. This past session of Run Club is where she truly stood out to our instructor team as she was a constant source of inspiration, laughter and strength for the group. Congratulations, to Molly Hazard for being our next Motivating Mom of the Month!

Here is what our Instructor Team has to say about Molly:

"I love having Molly in my classes! She is determined and pushes herself to new levels all the time. Most recently in her running with Run Club and as a pregnant fit4mom! Molly leads by example, keeping her commitment to fitness going, as well as her loving relationship with Ellie. Recently after a class, I was chatting with Molly on the playground and she mentioned that she was going to run another 5k that weekend. This demonstrates how Molly is taking the fit4mom spirit out into the world on her own and continuing to inspire those of us who surround her!" - Instructor Meghan

"Molly’s FIT4MOM journey has been one of commitment, evolution, and self-love! I can remember Molly’s first classes where baby Ellie cried and fussed bright red as could be; mama carefully placed her in the carrier, soothing and tending to her, calm and composed while we all watched and undoubtably earned a lot about patience and perseverance! Once Miss Ellie realized that when Mom strides, she rolls, we watched Molly’s workouts kick up to a new level. At classes she always gives her 100%, but it was through her run club training that many more came to know and love her as a source of strength, humor, and true motivation! Molly forged through the trainings with such a positive attitude, but it was when she was thrown obstacles that we got insight in to what keeps her going. Through her blog-like posts in our group, Molly brought us to heartfelt connections, offered belly aching laughter, and taught us how to “roll with the punches” in this hood of mothers! It is truly my pleasure to celebrate Molly’s successes as an instructor and running coach, but a greater excitement to recognize this fabulous mama as such a model of strength, courage, and self-respect in our village. You are so loved!" - Instructor Lisa

"Molly is such an inspiration for her fellow moms-to-be on what a #fitpregnancy is all about!! This diligent and determined mama rocked our Fall Run Club, attends classes regularly, and is keeping her fitness top notch as she prepares her body and heart for a new addition to the family. Molly started taking classes less than a year ago and right from the start, she stood out. Her love and enthusiasm for all things FIT4MOM still shines bright and the strength, confidence, and camaraderie she has developed have made a marked difference in her life. Molly is up for any task or challenge. She listens to her body. She puts one foot in front of the other and shows us how it’s done!! Watching her in action inspires you to break through and take things up to her level. Molly, you and your sweet Ellie have been such a wonderful addition to our Village and we love you both!! You are truly motivating! Thank you!!" - Instructor Sarah

" When Molly first joined Run Club in August, she was determined and ready to complete her 5k while pregnant! Throughout the entire training she kept fellow members inspired by each of her runs and mostly laughing at her updates. The journey that Molly experienced continues to show us how incredible she is as a Mom to Ellie and to her next. Her heart and head are in everything she does and it surely shows as she continuously inspires our FIT4MOM Village". - Instructor Colleen

Meet Molly:

1. Who are the members of your family?

Justin, Me, Ellie, and a baby boy due in late February/ early March. Oh and our puppies Oliver and Izzie.

2. What is/was your career?

5th grade Math/Science teacher before moving to Connecticut.

3. List 3 of your favorite things:

Chocolate, being outside, and the beach.

4. What would your partner say is your best quality?

I had to cheat! He said my strength. The strength to keep this family organized and on track (sometimes we’re riding the crazy train but hey we’re on track!). My strength in motherhood, to grow and nurture a human day in and out.

5. How long have you been a member of FIT4MOM Southeast Fairfield County, and what has it done for you?

Since December 2016. Gosh...what hasn’t it done for me?! I loved how instantly I felt I had found my village. This amazing group of women teach me, motivate me, encourage me, and push me to be not only my best in class (or Run Club) but in motherhood.

6.What is your favorite class exercise?

I love anything with squats and/or arms, they make feel strong. I also really like any combo we do with “I’m gonna get you, you better run” I love seeing Ellie’s face as I rush towards her.

7. What is something that has surprised you about motherhood?

How patient and positive I can be. Especially now we have barged into toddlerhood.

8. What is your proudest mommy moment so far?

When I was able to complete a full class without having to put Ellie in the carrier or have her cry the whole time. Really, anytime Ellie eased up on her separation anxiety. Those first few months of Strides were tough!

9.Any advice for other moms out there?

My favorite piece of advice I received when I was pregnant that I like to pass on is “hear everyone but listen to you.” There’s going to be so many suggestions to how you should do anything and everything in regards to motherhood, listen to them, take them in, but at the end of the day you know exactly the right course for your family.

Oh and find something positive in everyday, no matter how great or small. It’s there, and will remind you how great you really are.

Molly, thank you for being part of Our Village and a source of strength for those around you! We are so excited for your growing family and for you to continue your journey with us as a mother of TWO!