Meghan Murray

Stroller Strides Instructor

I am so excited and surprised to find myself in the role of Stroller Strides Instructor! I had been a preschool and elementary teacher for 10 years before giving birth to my son in November and have found that my whole world has shifted and opened up new opportunities, one of which is joining this amazing community of Moms and finding a new source of inspiration in the daily Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre classes and community surrounding Fit4Mom.

I was a dancer, a runner and a yoga instructor before becoming pregnant and had thought that returning to exercise after giving birth would be no problem! I was surprised by how difficult I found it to find the time, motivation and energy as a new Mom. Finding Stroller Strides and Courtney Cataldo became my answer as I finally found a way in which I could exercise and be with my new son all at the same time. As well, as a new resident of Fairfield County (having recently moved out of New York City) and a new stay at home mom, I had been worried about feeling lonely and isolated. Fit4Mom classes provided me with a community and friends and gave a sense of purpose to my daily routine. I found myself coming more and more often and missing the days when I wasn't able to make it to class.

Being a naturally shy person I was surprised by how excited I became when I heard about the possibility of becoming a Stroller Strides instructor. Courtney, Sarah, Ellie, Lisa and Colleen's positive energy and support has given me the courage to take on this challenge and I am loving every minute! I am excited to bring my passion for exercise, my love of babies and children (I will gladly push your baby around while you are working out!) and most importantly, my joy at being a Mom and a part of this community to the Stroller Stride classes that I teach.